Terms & Conditions

1. All communications both verbal and written to be confirmed only through the Email (Through WhatsApp not acceptable).

2. 20% (First Instalment as Booking Advance-Deposit) of the total fee should be paid at the time of booking. 70% (Second Instalment) of the total fee should be paid on the Event day. Remaining balance amount can be paid on or before delivery of the completed work (Confirmed Email PDF album). If the client fails to pay the entire amount on delivery, The Studio has unfettered liberty to retain the Photo Album.

3. (NA)

4.The deposit stated above is not refundable, if the Client cancels or changes the Agreement. (Only in the Case, If the Photographer fails to appear at the place and time specified above, the deposit shall be refunded to the Client).

5.We will block our dates for you only upon receipt of booking advance. So kindly reserve your dates at the earliest to avoid discontent of any sort, as dates are the most important factor in demand in the wedding industry.

6.The Client has to pay Paparazzi for any additional expenses the Studio may incur for travel, meals, parking and other reasonable expenses necessary to perform these services. If a client refuses to pay for any of the above on demand by the Studio, The Studio shall be at liberty to withhold the photography service without notice.

7.If the Wedding package includes a post wedding shoot, then the date for the same should be intimated at the time of confirmation of package. We will be charged@Rs.15,000/- for outdoor shoots (Out of Calicut city). Travel Expenses and food & accommodation will be additional and are payable wherever necessary.

8.Selected Group photographs shall be delivered to the Client. The client should provide the Studio with their selection of photographs from which the final album will be prepared; Studio shall not be responsible in any manner for any delay in final work due to lag in submission of the selected list by the client. The completed Album will be delivered to the client within 30* days of the submission of group photos. Paparazzi assumes no liability for any loss caused to the client, due to any delay caused for album/video DELIVERY, for any reason whatsoever.

9If the client puts the project on hold for one year from the event/wedding date, will not be responsible for any kind of data loss. So please collect the raw data from us within the One Week timeline.

10.The Client should support and cooperate with Paparazzi in obtaining the desired photographs; The Studio shall not be responsible in any manner for photographs not taken as a result of the Client's failure or reluctance to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation.

11.Paparazzi’s shooting schedules, Style of working and Experiences are intended to achieve a grand set of wedding photos for the clients. In case, if the wedding does not start on time, then the Studio cannot guarantee to take a normal set of photos although in such circumstances Paparazzi will do their best to compensate. Also if the timing exceeds the confirmed time, the client has to pay an additional Rs.2200/ camera / hour basis.

12.The Paparazzi will provide quality albums from a company that guarantees 25 years replacement upon damage (only for works that exceed 40 pages, Replacement subject to the printing company regulations).

13.Total number of pages shall be subject to change depending on the client's selection of group photos to be appeared on the album. If the client requires any additional Extra Sheets other than normal agreed pages, then charges apply for additional pages. Extra sheets in the album will be charged at Rs.500 per Page.

14.Paparazzi have no obligation to store the work-files beyond two weeks from delivery of the final album.

15.Clients confer permission to Paparazzi to use their photos for Promotional purposes on official Paparazzi’s social media pages/sites.

16.Paparazzi shall not be accountable for any mistakes in the album after receiving final proof of photos from the client.

17.Expense related to any pen drives/hard disks/couriers etc. used in the process of transfer of media or in the delivery of the outputs shall be borne by the client.

18. Up to 2 Correction sessions (for Album photos) are free of charge. More than that will be chargeable depending on the time consumed.

19. Client has to provide details of one main contact person who will confirm and be aware of each and every step of the project. This is to avoid any contradictory instructions from the client or close relations. So any suggestions, instructions or a correction has to come through/with the knowledge of this contact person only.

20. The final settlement has to be cleared before shipping, in case the client chooses to Courier the final approved Album.

21.    Paparazzi do not assign any clients to post any photos and videos of the event on its website or social networks. But paparazzi may upload the same for marketing purposes unless instructed otherwise. Any requests to post the photos or videos online will not be entertained at any cost.

22.Live Video/ Printing/ Drone / Led screen services are not included in the package, so if required have to inform in advance at the time of project confirmation and will be charged additional.

23.If a client needs to set up live video streaming at the venue, the service charges will be additional. Please be informed, the cams that we use do not support Live streaming, and hence will have to use a separate camera for the same. So please make sure to inform us in advance for any additional requirements at the time of Package confirmation.

24. This quote is valid only if you confirm the dates before 10 days from this mail or if said dates are not booked before you.

25.ln candid album, we only include single pictures of bride & groom, couple,Main family & candid Photos.

26 .Client can select 20 to 40 pictures for the candid album. After receiving the raw pictures within one day sorting should be done. Otherwise, Rituals team will select the same for the candid album

27. Pre or Post wedding date must be informed 15 days earlier.

28. Wedding Evening shoot will be start from 3.30 PM to.  if event Exceed more than 8 hours a day time 1500 per hour Additional will be charged.

29 .For Full video and highlights if the client is having any specific song/track selection the client has to provide the link of the song and should confirm the same after selection of package. and if the client is not having any selection regarding the song and track then our video editor's selection is taken for the same and any changes further in that will be chargeable.

30. Up to 2 corrections sessions (for album), free of charge. more than that chargeable depending on the time consumed.

31.We will be requiring power output of not more than 3000W for lighting purposes at the location of the event.

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