"Make Yourself Feel Like Celebrity"

A complete wedding planner

we love working with people who hunt for innovative ideas and creative thoughts andHere’s Your Perfect Wedding Photographer & Movie maker- we want your moments to be an authentic expression of who you are!

Here’s Your Perfect Wedding Photographers & movie makers,

Paparazzi is a complete Wedding planner & a creative studio of Indian candid & Traditional wedding photography and wedding movie services company based out of Calicut.

A team full of passionate skilled photographers and movie makers, wedding Decorators,  Costume designers and bridal makeovers with an incredible trend. endowed with awesome outputs that explore to capture and preserve the most magical visuals moments at its natural way that are never missed, making Paparazzi to stand out from all the rest.

Started in Calicut, Kerala in 2011 by Firshad Paparazzi, mastermind behind Paparazzi Wedding Company, is a film and digital photographer by profession who loves to travel and meet different people throughout the world with a passion for Photography.

We are amongst the top best Indian candid, Traditional wedding photography & filming genre.

We are experienced with a full time in-house crew, transparent work process with confirmation emails and deadlines, offering economical packages for premium services with full on credibility (brand & product), Physical presence with offices at Beach Road & Westhill with strong backups.

Paparazzi love to learn, collaborate and create happy couples

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